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The best restaurants in and around Forest Falls, CA

The best restaurants in and around Forest Falls, CA

Mill Creek Canyon not only offers a wealth of recreational opportunities outdoors. You will also find a cornucopia of delightful local restaurants, serving anything from authentic Mexican dishes to mouth-watering Indian food. Here are some of the best restaurants in the area.

  1. El Mexicano

    40977 Valley of the Falls Drive, Forest Falls, CA

    In the San Bernardino Mountains, you can find the unexpected nestled among the pines. Case in point: El Mexicano. The only restaurant in Forest Falls is also known as one of the best places in San Bernardino County to find authentic Mexican food.

    What to try: El Mexicano prides itself for the best taco salads in the world, so do try it out. Other notable mentions from their menu include their Mexican hot chocolate and their combo plate (crunchy taco + cheesy enchilada + beans and rice).

  2. Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon

    38490 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA

    About 25 minutes away from Forest Falls, in the village of Oak Glen, is the Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon. This rustic restaurant in the San Gorgonio Mountains is best known for combining Californian and Southwest culinary traditions to create the most delicious steaks in the mountains.

    What to try: Customers continuously rave about Oak Glen Steakhouse’s rib eye steak, crispy broccoli, and bison burger. Their OG meat and chop selections are also extensive.

  3. Peppercorn Grille

    553 Pine Knot Avenue, Big Bear Lake, CA

    Peppercorn Grille is a bit of a drive from Forest Falls (it is located in Big Bear Lake, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes away via the CA-38 E), but the list of best restaurants in the area won’t be complete without mentioning this gem.

    What to try: Peppercorn Grille offers American and Italian cuisine in a casual setting. Highlights from their extensive menu include their mushroom spinach lasagna, potato leek soup, and lobster ravioli (among many other highly recommended dishes.)

  4. Himalayan Restaurant

    672 Pine Knot Avenue, Big Bear Lake, CA

    While you are in Big Bear Lake, visit the Himalayan Restaurant as well. It is only a short distance away from Peppercorn Grille. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, you will be served authentic Nepalese, northern Indian, and Tibetan food.

    What to try: Himalayan’s naan selection is impressive and absolutely delicious, but leave enough room for their veggie korma, chicken masala, daal, tandoori chicken, and their heavenly mango lassi.

  5. Del Mar Grill

    34471 Yucaipa Boulevard, CA

    Another strong contender for the best Mexican food in the area is Del Mar Grill in Yucaipa, about 20 minutes away from Forest Falls. Come by on a Tuesday for $3 beers and $1 street tacos for the whole day. On Sundays, Del Mar Grill is also open for brunch.

    What to try: Some of the most highly recommended dishes at Del Mar Grill include their chicken mole, shrimp fajitas, and chileverde. Their enchiladas however, are acknowledged by some as some of the best in San Bernardino County.

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