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Tips on purchasing your own mountain cabin

Cozy cabin with fire pit in the mountains of North Carolina

Log cabins are not only the quintessential homes in mountain communities. They are very much a part of the landscape, especially in Mill Creek Canyon. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about buying your very own mountain cabin.

Work with a Mill Creek Canyon realtor.

The best way to find a cabin that suits your needs to a tee is to work with a local expert. In this case, working with a realtor based in Mill Creek Canyon will work to your advantage.

One way to find a realtor is to go online and do a localized search. If you have friends or relatives that recently purchased a cabin in Mill Creek Canyon, you can also ask them for referrals.

Four important considerations

When it comes to choosing a mountain cabin, you must always keep several considerations in mind. Think of these factors as the essential features you want in your mountain cabin.

  1. Easements. An easement is basically an agreement between you and the owner of the land next to the cabin. It gives you permission to use that “shared” piece of land to get to the cabin and the land it sits on. If the cabin you’re interested in has direct road access, this should not be an issue.
  2. Building permits. If renovations are part of your future plans for the cabin, double-check if the property has the necessary building permits. It is necessary for any property used as a dwelling in San Bernardino County to meet building and residential codes.

    For more information on building permits, click here.

  3. Utilities. Check if the cabin has access to important utilities such as water, electricity, phone reception, and Internet service. Knowing the type of sewage system that services the property is also a must. The utilities you will need depends on your lifestyle.

    Aside from access to utilities, consider the costs of having these features as well. Bills can run high in having utilities installed and maintained, especially if you choose to live in a rather remote pocket of Mill Creek Canyon.

  4. Property insurance. Like waterfront properties, mountain cabins are exposed to the full might of nature’s power. Inquire with the seller if the property is currently insured. If not, look into the kinds of insurance you might want to consider should you decide to live in that cabin.

Examine the property in its entirety

As you look at mountain cabins, remember that you are not only buying the structure− you are also purchasing the land it is built on. Take time to survey the whole property before making an offer.

For instance: if you are interested in a cabin on a large parcel of land, consider how much of the total acreage is actually usable. You might be buying 20 acres only to discover that most of it is rocky and unsuitable for your needs.

Remember easements? Some cabins are located on isolated lots that do not have direct access to a road. Forgetting to check if there are easements in place can cause you some stress once it is time for you to move in.

Franklin Sexton knows the best properties in the Canyon. Contact him today at 909.553.5483 or CanyonRealtors(at)aol(dotted)com to learn more about mountain cabins in Mill Creek Canyon.

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